Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark

, Kyiv 14:32

From the history of the Embassy

Dynasty ties with Denmark originated from Grand Prince Volodymyr Monomakh and Mstyslav, whose daughter Ingebord called her son, the future king Valdemar the Great, in the name of her grandfather.

In 1919-1922 Ukrainian People’s Republic diplomatic mission was active in Denmark, headed by D.Levytskyi. In 1922 Ukraine assigned V.Christensen as the Honorary consular to Denmark. On 18 February 2009 the memorial plate was attached to the building were the first Ukrainian diplomatic mission was operating.

Denmark recognized the independence of Ukraine in 31.12.1991 and the diplomatic relations established  in 12.02.1992.

In 1993-2004 the representation of Ukraine in Denmark was covered by Ambassadors in other countries.

The diplomatic mission started its operation in August 1995.

7.04.2005 first Ambassador of Ukraine with residence in Copenhagen has presented the letter of credence to the Queen Margrethe II.

Since 1992 the Embassy of Denmark operated in Kyiv and in 2002 suspended its work in accordance with the decision of the Folketing. From 2003 to 2005 the Ambassador of Denmark in Ukraine resided in Copenhagen. On 13.10.2005 Danish diplomatic mission in Kyiv has resumed its work  (Ambassador M.Borg-Hansen).