Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark

, Kyiv 09:27

The seminar the Participation of the Danish Vikings in the founding of Kyivan Rus was held in Copenhagen

15 September 2017, 16:50

The seminar the Participation of the Danish Vikings in the founding of Kyivan Rus was held in Copenhagen, on September 11, 2017. The event took place with the participation of Ukrainian Embassy and Danish-Ukrainian Society.

The main speakers of the event were Ivan Nester, Head of the Danish-Ukrainian Society, and Peter Lawætz, an expert on the history of Denmark during the Vikings. The seminar was attended by representatives of the Ukrainian community in Denmark, business circles and the diplomatic corps.

Conclusions after the panel meeting with Dr Scient. Peter Lawætz:

Rurik in Nestor's chronicle is identical to the Danish Rørik of Hedeby (824-880).
1. Peter Lawætz's genealogy method documents that Rørik (“Rurik” in Nestor's version) during the Viking era was a typical Danish prince/king's name, who went again in the Harald Hildetand branch (Lejre branch) of that times' two Danish royal houses.
2. The name Rørik (“Rurik” in Nestor's version) does not occur in the Viking age's other Nordic (Swedish/Norwegian/Icelandic) or - for that sake - Eastern European royal houses.
3. The founder of the Rurik dynasty (Kyiv's rulers from 882 to 1240) was, therefore, Rørik - a Danish/Zealandic/Jutlandic Viking prince.
4. Røriks/Ruriks Y-DNA is therefore probably Nordic/Germanic and belongs to the Haplogroup R1b, while Prince Sviatoslav of Kyiv’s Y-DNA has entered the dynasty via a male "outsider" (Volodislav) who gets Sviatoslav with his mother Olga of Kyiv (daughter of Prince Igor). Therefore, Sviatoslav's Y-DNA 
belongs to the Finnish-Baltic-Belarus-Northwestern Ukranian N1c1 haplogroup.
5. Røriks/Rurik's Y-DNA is discontinued because his grandson Igor of Kyiv (978-945) does not receive any male heirs (or they die too early). As mentioned: Prince Igor's daughter Olga is married to the local first Volodislav, and they receive Sviatoslav (942-972), who becomes the last pure Viking prince of Kyiv. His son Volodymyr (the Holy) brings in 978 Christianity to the Kyivan-Rus.
6. That is why Sviatoslav of Kyiv also is the genetic progenitor of the Kyiv princes who follow him: Volodymyr the Holy, Yaroslav the Great, Volodymyr Monomakh, Mstyslav etc.) and their Y-DNA, therefore, belong to the Eastern N1c1 haplogroup.