Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark

, Kyiv 17:26

Cultural and humanitarian cooperation between Ukraine and Denmark

Cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the two countries mostly develop due to regular cultural events both in Ukraine and Denmark. Among those events are the performances of Ukraine's folk ensambles, Ukrainian paintings exhibitions and commemorative events marking the National holidays of Ukraine.  

Particularly, days of Kyiv education in Copenhagen took place in 2006 with participation of delegation of academicians from Kyiv. A group of pupils from Skjern visited Scandinavian high school in Kyiv, pupils of which paid a return visit to Copenhagen in 2009. Cooperation with Danish Institute of Human Rights is developing. Ukrainian delegation took part in conference "Ukraine: Reform of Administrative System". Danish Institute on Human Rights held a conference on the same topic in Kyiv. A group of officials of Penitentiary Service of Ukraine studied the Danish experience with the help of the Institute. International conference on Human Rights Protection through legal assistance was hold in Kyiv with Kyiv Declaration adopted. Delegations of judges from Ukrainian regions visit Denmark on regular basis in the context of professional exchange programs. Town twinning is being supported.

Memorandum of Intent regarding cooperation between Lviv and Aarhus was signed in 2007 with Aarhus delegation headed by its mayor N. Wammen visiting Lviv. As for the cultural aspects, T. Shevchenko National Theater of Opera and Ballet has been giving annual performances in Denmark for 18 years.

Chamber choir "Kyiv" and Kyiv ensemble "Dyvogray" has been visiting Denmark with tits concerts many times. O. Zapolskyy, the first violin of Symphonic Orchestra of the Danish Radio and Honored artist of Ukraine, is promoting Ukrainian music in Denmark. He has created ensemble of young violinists performing works of Ukrainian composers. Participation of duet of pianists O. Zaytseva and D. Tavanets in annual Copenhagen musical festival 2007-2009 was successful, as well as concerts duet of National Opera of Ukraine A. Titovych and T. Shtonda in 2008-2009. Ukrainian singer Ruslana gave a performance before Eurovision contest in Denmark in April 2004. Musical band "Gaydamaky" also gave a performance in Copenhagen. Denmark was represented on the International festival of children's arts "Let's change the world for the better" in "Artek" in 2005, 2008, 2008, 2010. Retrospective of O. Dovzhenko's films took place in Danish Film Institute, where the protocol on collaboration between this institute and O. Dovzhenko National Center was signed. In April 2008 film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" was shown on the Film Festival in Denmark with the support of O. Dovzhenko National Center. An exhibition "Dagmar: Life of the empress" devoted to Ukrainian period of life of princess Dagmar was shown in Livadiya palace. An exhibition of Ukrainian posters was held in Aarhus in 2005. M. Eskesen's photo-exhibition devoted to 20 years anniversary of Chernobyl disaster was opened in the center of Copenhagen on April 26, 2006. It received great public attention. Audio-visual show "Sounds of Chernobyl" was presented in Copenhagen with support of Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art. An exhibition dedicated to contacts between Ukraine and Denmark during the period of Kievan Rus' was held by the Danish agency of arts in April-June 2008 in Ukrainian Museum of National History. Historical Cossack "chayka" "Presvyata Pokrova" of Lviv society "Kish" took part in Baltic Regatta in 2006 and in festivals in Roskilde and Aarhus in June 2007. Works of Ukrainian artists are regularly demonstrated in Denmark. Exhibition of works of I. Pilipenko and "Artists of Kyiv" (T. Silvash, O. Priduvalov, V. Budnikov, I. Pylypenko, I. Veshtak-Ostramenska, E. Byglarova, V. Veshtak) was held in 2006. Works of I. Pylypenko, S. Savchenko and S. Svyatchenko are exhibited in Copenhagen every year. A cycle of drawings of Kyiv artist A. Kahidze was demonstrated in the center of contemporary art in the context of the project of European cultural program "Culture 2000". Ukraine is represented on regular basis during the events of Copenhagen city administration under the guidance of price consort Henrik. In 2008-2009 Ukraine took part in International festival of cultures held under the aegis of Copenhagen city administration. Another event that is being held under the aegis of prince Henrik, where Ukraine is usually represented, is an annual International gala festival of national cuisines conducted by Copenhagen city administration on United Nations Day.

Regular divine service of Apostolic Exarchate of Greek-Catholics of Germany and Scandinavia has been held in Catholic cathedral of Copenhagen since 2005.

Archbishop of Lviv and Galicia Avgustin took part in International conference of chaplains in Copenhagen in 2008.

In July 2008 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark took decision as for launching the program of technical assistance of Neighbourhood program 2010-2012 directed at the support of private business in Ukraine where in September 2009 a decision to donate 40 mln. dkk for the project implementation was taken.

The Embassy of Ukraine to Denmark is actively cooperating with Danish-Ukrainian society uniting 120 Ukrainians and Danes. At the annual meetings of this society state and prospects of collaboration enhancement between Ukraine and Denmark are analyzed. An important result of collaboration with the President of Danish-Ukrainian society Ivan Nestor was finding of archive documents concerning activity of diplomatic mission of UNR in 1919-1922 and making of commemorative plaque to mark the place of the first UNR diplomatic mission which was inaugurated at Upsalagade 24, Copanhagen on February 18, 2009.

Grand opening of T. Shevchenko memorial in the central part of Copenhagen was an important event in 2010.

A Saturday Ukrainian school was established in Copenhagen with the help of Ukrainian youth organization of Denmark "Lastivka" in 2013.

Firstly in 2014 year Ukrainian  artists M.Diordichuk and Y.Strelkov  participated at the annual festival of young artists in contemporary art in Arhus.

A series of charity events with Ukrainian and Danish fashion designers was launched in 2014.